知名節目主持人 黄子佼:連歌神张學友聽完Birdy歌聲,都覺得已經是位歌手不需要比赛了,没人能評論她。
王牌唱片製作人 黄國倫:Birdy已經唱到金字塔頂端了,完美。
王牌唱片製作人 王治平:看Birdy表演就像在拉斯维加斯看巨星演出一樣精采。
A powerful voice that you can't ignore when you hear it!
Three golden reviews:
Well-known show host Huang Zizhao: Even after Superstar Zhang Xueyou listened to Birdy's song, he thought that he was already a singer who didn't need a game. Nobody could comment on her.
Ace Records producer Huang Guolun: Birdy has already sung to the top of the pyramid, perfect.
Ace Record Producer Wang Zhiping: Seeing a Birdy show is like watching a superstar show in Las Vegas.