2008年,她開始了她的音樂之旅,在預言神鞍教堂,作為敬拜主領。 2011年,她繼續在自己的國家擔任“Royaltiez樂團”主唱,在酒店,賭場,海灘酒吧和特別活動中演奏雷鬼和流行歌曲。 同時在2012年,她還擔任ZIZ廣播公司的新聞記者,電視節目主持人和製片人。 另外身為電視節目IREPSKN'S 869 LIVE的主持人。 2014年,她加入了台灣合唱團,並在銘傳大學國際學院系年度新人合唱比賽中為MCU國際學院演唱了一首獨唱作品。
A passionate entertainer, singer and songwriter. Grew up in the Caribbean singing in church and school while learning basic music theory and playing the steel pan instrument. She combine her love for entertaining people with her singing talent to pursue music throughout the years. She perform reggae, jazz, alternative R&B, and hip hop.
On 2008 she began her music journey as a praise and worship leader, at The Church Of God Of Prophecy Saddlers. And continue her music experience as a lead singer on “Royaltiez Band” on 2011 in her country, they performed reggae, soca and pop songs at hotels, casinos, beach bars and special events. Meanwhile on 2012 she also work as a news reporter, TV host and producer at  ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation. Also as a host on TV Show IREPSKN’S 869 LIVE. On 2014 she joined the Choir at Taiwan and sang a solo verse for MCU International College at the annual Freshman Choir competition with the International College Department at Ming Chuan University. Now she start her music career as an exclusive diva from KoChen Entertainment all the way to the big events.