Every year, KOChen Entertainment is involved in the planning and execution of more than thousands of wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, luxury brand press conferences, and private parties, where special moments are expressed through the beauty of music, with every musical note captivating and mesmerizing its guests. At KOChen Entertainment, our professionalism and musical instruments come together to deliver the best musical performance for every wedding, every event.

KOChen Entertainment acknowledges that harmonic music is the soul of a memorable event, and a professional emcee is paramount to its success. The common misconception of a professional emcee is a host who merely runs through an event’s program, however, aside from that, appropriate communication beforehand, alignment between musical and hardware components, on-site supervision and careful execution ensuring a smooth run-down is more than critical to an event’s success and a perfect ending.

Taking into consideration the nature and complexity of different event types and needs, every event’s run-down is designed and adjusted to the host party’s preference. An event’s run-down is extremely important, as it is the “framewok” guiding the sequential happenings of the event. For all events, KOChen Entertainment properly suggests and blends music into the run-down, while the emcee ensures the event progresses smoothly as scheduled.

Through years of observation, KOChen Entertainment sees a growing need for more professional emcees who have strong communication skills, are capable of facilitating/ensuring a smooth run-down, and agile in handling and resolving unexpected circumstances. These key capabilities, as well as the style and approach of individual emcees, contribute to each emcee’s personal charisma, and this distinguishing charisma is complementary to the success of all events.

KOChen Entertaiment’s emcees are categorized by language capabilities and Mandarin and English bi-lingual capability is a basic requirement. Every language, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, French has its individualistic charm - romantic and enchanting French, soft and gentle Japanese, native and familiar Taiwanese… At KOChen Entertainment, we earnestly hope for music to bring to you the joy of love and happiness, and for words to be as precious and as priceless as delicate pearls.

Snow 中

Tracy 中英

Jonah 中英

Yuka 中日

Wendy 中

Eshe 中

Claire 中

Andy 中英

Howard 中英

Anne 中英

Joe 中


Sherry 中韓

Renee 中台

Noel 中英

Jason 中

Hill 中台

Eric 中

Patch 中

Philip 中台

Damian 中客家

Elvis 中英

Monica 中日