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• 【你是我最深爱的人】一曲霸占 KTV 排行榜,排行第一名歌曲整年不下
• 【每次都想呼喊你的名字】全台點播排行榜前五名歌手
• 【威尼斯的淚】 一曲兩岸三地用时獲選十大金曲
• 【好樂迪】男歌⼿點擊率 NO.1
• 【網路K歌大王】
• 【超級點歌王NO.1】
• 【威尼斯的淚】 全台灣KTV 點播排行榜冠軍歌手。
• 【野百合也有春天】亦成為 KTV 必唱曲目前 5 名。
• 【⼀追再追】錢櫃KTV播排⾏榜NO.1 。
• 【獲得中國金唱片獎】
• 【金曲紅人獎】- 最受歡迎男紅人獎
Singapore singer, music producer and agent. Originally a singer of Bodman Music, he is currently the founder of Yongbang Asia Pacific Entertainment.
• [You are my most loved person] A song dominates the KTV rankings, ranking the first song all year round
• [Want to call your name every time] Top five singers on the whole list
• [The tears of Venice] Selected ten major songs when used on both sides of the strait
• [Good Judy] male singer click rate NO.1
• [Internet karaoke king]
• [Super Song King NO.1]
• [The tears of Venice] All Taiwanese KTV on-demand leaderboard singer.
• [Wild Lily also has Spring] has also become the current KTV must-song.
• [One chase and then chase] the money cabinet KTV broadcast list NO.1.
• [Get China Gold Record Award]
• [Golden Red Man Award] - Most Popular Male Red Man Award