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4 Notes 爵士樂隊是由4個來自世界各地的音樂家。
Jonah薩克斯風手,來自加拿大;Dennis來自美國,低音提琴手;Ricky是來自菲律賓的鋼琴手;以及鼓手Ed 來自於美國。
儘管所有3種不同的文化融合在一起,他們所演奏出來的音樂是獨特的,值得傾聽的,並且充滿驚喜。4 Notes,他們豐富的表演經驗已經超過15年,在大型場館,音樂會,酒館和婚禮表演。他們每位都能淋漓盡致地發揮自己的天賦於樂器演奏上,特別的是他們每一位都同時是歌手,並能唱出優美的和聲。擅長演奏的音樂風格是爵士,Bossa Nova,70,80年代的經典情歌。歌曲例如”What A Wonderful World””The One Your Love””Smoke Get In Your Eyes”這些朗朗上口的歌曲皆是觀眾所最愛的首選。
4 Notes-Jazz band is formed by 4 musicians from around the world. From Canada, Saxophone, Jonah. Dennis is from the United State, double bass player. Ricky is From Philippine, the pianist and Karlos, the drummer is from Columbia. While all 3 different cultures integrate together, the music they create is unique, worth listening and full of surprises.4 Notes are really experienced that they have been performing at large venues, concerts, pubs and weddings for over 15 years. Each one of them is talented that other than play their own instruments, they all can sing and make beautiful harmonies.Some music styles they are good at are Jazz, Bossa Nova, 70,80 classics. Songs like What A Wonderful World, The One Your Love, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes are songs that audiences’ top picks for them.