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對娛樂並不陌生,Norwood從6歲開始演唱,R&B歌手並在16歲時簽下他第一個唱片合約,他得到了葛萊美獎R&B/爵士樂團的提名,Norwood錄製了他第一首舞曲單曲You’re on the one, “You’re On The Money .並且錄製一張專輯“I Can’t Let You Go !”,這張專輯囊括了主要的好評,並在英國相當的成功。
No stranger to the entertainment
business, Norwood began singing at 6, the R&B singer signed his first record deal at 16 with various UK hit songs. He got his first “big”break in America on the original television singing competition, “Star Search,” as one-time lead singer of the R&B/Jazz band Grammy nominated, "Pieces of a Dream" on its gold-selling single, “What Can I Do” and Broadway theatre stages.
Norwood recorded his first dance single “You’re on the one, “You’re On The Money . Norwood soon after signed his first album deal with major label, MCA/Magnolia records, where he recorded an album titled “I Can’t Let You Go !” This album garnered major critical acclaim and was quite successful in the UK.