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可圈藝術主題樂團Easy Rockabilly曲風明顯不同於美式搖滾,樂風比較清新、柔和、舒服悠閒、內斂、慵懶、重旋律性、輕節奏、浪漫帶點舞曲曲風及獨特唱腔。
In the 1990s, pop music flourished in London, England and Manchester. This type usually has some melodies and rhythms that are close to ballads and a balance between musical instruments and vocals. The origin may have begun to be traced from the ancestor Beatles, and the lyrics carry the spirit of meaning.
The circleable art theme band Easy Rockabilly genre is obviously different from American rock. The music style is relatively fresh, soft, comfortable, relaxed, introverted, lazy, heavy melodic, light rhythm, romantic dance style and unique singing.
English-style rock is now positioned with a little chanting style, mainly guitar accompaniment rhythm, with a simple Riff, the whole song ups and downs, the difference between paragraphs is obvious. The expression of words is more absolute truth and life.