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Christjan Ilumäe 為泰國當前活躍及傑出的歌手,曾經為樂團主唱,參與過許多大型且成功的演出,也與交響樂團配合演唱。
自2011年Christjan 開始了與MS郵輪品牌的合作駐唱,如:MS波羅地海女王號、MS波羅地海公主號、MS銀河號、MS維多利亞號及MS Romantika 酒店…等駐唱演出,而受到來自世界各地不同國家的讚賞及好評。
巡迴演唱會以“夢幻愛沙尼亞大樂隊”在愛沙尼亞最大的音樂廳演出 2013/03/10
愛沙尼亞,塔林酒店 2013四月至六月
拉脫維亞,塔林酒店 2014一月至三月
愛沙尼亞,塔林酒店 2015一月至三月
Christjan Ilumäe is a distinguished and energetic singer and artist.
He has been performing both as the leadinger of the dance band The News and as vocalist in duoformations and his performances have always been a great success.
Since 2011 Christjan has performed onboard different cruise ships under Tallink and Silja Line brand, including MS Baltic Queen, MS Baltic Princess, MS Galaxy, MS Victoria I, MS Romantika, MS Silja Europa, MS Silja Symphony and others.
He has also performed in Tallink operated Hotels in Tallinn.As Tallink and Silja Line operate on various routes on Baltic Sea, Christjan has entertained audiences from many different countries and at different venues.
Withmore than 1000 guests in the crowd at some of our larger night clubs.
Christjan has always been highly artistic and trustworthy performer and has shown great professionalism at all times. It has been a pleasure working with him and we lookforward to cooperating with Christjan in the future.
Vocal cometition “Jazz Voices 2014” in Klaipeda, Lithuania III place 01.12.2014
Concert tour with “Estonian Dream Big Band “ in Estonia's biggest concert halls -
Concerts in London cafes with Vibraphone player Ralph Wyld band - 08.14.2014
Duo with Aldo Meritsto -Piano Bar at “Tallinn Hotel” 04-06.2013 Tallinn, Estonia
Duo with Aldo Meritsto -Piano Bar at “Tallinn Hotel” 01-03.2014 Riga, Latvia
Duo with Aldo Meritsto -Piano Bar at “Tallinn Hotel” 01-03.2015 Tallinn, Estonia