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1996成立並在台灣立案的演藝團體MONTUNOS拉丁樂團,是由一群台灣菁英樂師所組成,專長以Big Band型態表演拉丁爵士音樂及流行舞曲音樂,歷年來活耀於台北與台灣各地表演,呈現的是豐富多彩的拉丁流行音樂,以輕快的鼓樂Conga, Timbales節奏、鳴響的多重管樂以及獨特的拉丁演唱風格,是目前華人樂壇裡少見專門表演道地拉丁流行與道地騷莎音樂的樂團。足跡遍及台灣各縣市,包括國父紀念念館、國家音樂廳、各縣市文化藝術中心等。
在都市裡為吸引人潮欣賞音樂的表演,讓觀眾產生「共鳴」與「認同」,必須打造出一個獨特風格的音樂會表演,Montunos樂團以道地Big Band拉丁爵士音樂以及流行拉丁舞曲,兼具娛樂性與文化性,現場充滿了管樂及打擊樂的熱鬧氣氛,音樂能量發揮到極點,豐富性的旋律與節奏,更達到歡樂活潑氣氛及超水準音樂的效果,使觀眾對拉丁音樂的喜好度提升、肢體律動更為豐富,也可以讓愛好舞蹈的年輕朋友們體驗肢體舞蹈表演的樂趣,也讓台下的觀眾與表演者產生互動並引起共鳴。
MONTUNOS Latin Band, founded in 1996 in Taiwan, is composed of a group of Taiwanese young musicians specialized in the performance of Latin jazz music and pop music in the Big Band form.
Over the years, MONTUNOS has performed in Taipei and all cities of Taiwan, presenting a variety of Latin pop music, with a light beats of drum, congas, timbales rhythm, the resonance of brasses sound and unique Latin singing style, MONTUNOS is currently a very exotic band in the Chinese live band music style, the band footprints throughout the counties and cities over in Taiwan, including concert halls, the arts cultural centers of counties.
For bringing the spectacular music show, it’s very important the feedback of audience, the show must create a unique style of the concert performances, the Big Band style of Latin jazz music and popular Latin dance music by MONTUNOS Latin Band has become a entertainment and cultural maker, the scene with percussion playing, energy music by brasses and rich melody and rhythm singing, achieve the joy of lively atmosphere and brings high class music effect. Today the audience prefers to Latin music because it can incite the movement of body, and due to the richer rhythm, people loves dancing to experience the fun of physical dance, but also can interact with audience easily.