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Jim 是音樂界新生代最有影響力的男聲,天賦異稟、年紀輕輕、才華洋溢,被音樂界稱為煽動靈魂級-創作型歌手。
擅長曲風包含 : 流行音樂 / R&B / 爵士音樂 樣樣都難不倒他!
Jim is the newcomer in the music industry's, very characteristics male voice, gifted, young, talented.
Described by the music industry as a soul-stirring singer-songwriter
Not only does Jim play the guitar and piano, but he's also equipped with his own songs. His music is influenced by pop, R & B, and jazz.
In 2016, he even played a song on Youtube to sing an Indonesian folk song and reached the viewer up to 75,000 times.
Jim always stunning with a smile of sunshine, gentle voice, natural and lively personality is his representative in the music industry to retain a seat of innocence, talented singer!