ABOUT  Keril
2019 參加台灣歌唱選秀節目-聲林之王2,榮獲第六名
2019 參加台灣歌唱選秀節目聲林之王-獲得金牌確定 保證入棚
2019 3/27 舉辦個人首場音樂會"This Is Me"

韋喆來自加勒比海上的小島,他從小就喜歡音樂,他那溫柔深情的嗓音讓他在當地歌唱比賽中造成轟動。也開始參與國內外的古典、爵士和福音音樂巡演,拓展了他對音樂的敏銳性和創造力,他因此開始嘗試編寫歌曲,其作品也多次在節慶活動和爵士音樂節上被演唱出來,2012年韋喆於當地全國青少年歌唱比賽中獲得「未來之星」的殊榮,2014年就受邀來台灣擔任Intel晚宴演唱歌手/中國信託尾牙指定演唱歌手/MINI新品車款上市發表會指定演唱歌手…等,2016年更被Piaget伯爵錶指定為新品上市活動開場嘉賓以及Tiffany VIP晚宴演出嘉賓,受各大精品界愛戴,更給他“有溫度的靈魂歌手“稱號。

From a tender age he enjoyed music, singing in Church Choir from eight years old. This root in church is characteristic of the soulful quality in is voice. Keril’s musical journey took its full course during years at high school performing in school productions, theater productions and national events. Keril is inspired by musical likes of John Legend, Brian Mc Night, Michael Jackson and Phil Collins. He also joined the National Youth Choir where he traveled to many other Caribbean islands performing classical to jazz to reggae and gospel music. It was there he build his musical ear and sense of creativity that motivated him to write and produce songs. 'Vante Flam la' was written for his church during National Catholic Festival. “Green Revolution”and“Holistic Wellness”was written for school project competitions. Keril also produced inspirational tracks entitled “I am not alone”, Holy Ghost Fire’ and Prayer for Priest”. His last single is entitled “Can't get enough of your love”. Performing in Martinique and Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.