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目前除了婚禮演唱,也固定駐唱bars和Grand Hyatt君悅飯店Cheers,同時也是廣告配唱員,還參與了多部廣告歌曲配唱和歌手mv的片頭的演唱。
作品:麥當勞廣告,DHC廣告,VOLVO廣告, Puzzle 拍手與黑松汽水香檳篇以及La New廣告配唱,同時也擔任蕭敬騰兄弟我說MV片頭曲配唱。
Eunice也是創作樂團”Alter J”的主唱。
Spanning the genres, Eunice's distinctive and versatile voice imbues the standards with a style all her own.
She is the lead vocalist for an up and coming jazz band, Alter J, and has laid down vocal tracks for popular Taiwanese artist Jam Hsiao She currently performs regularly at the Grand Hyatt Taipei the H.O.P. in Taoyuan City, and at select private wedding parties.