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Matthew Candler也就是廣為人知的Dooley,世界各地皆有他與音樂家合作表演過的足跡。他的演唱生涯從亞利桑那州鳳凰城開始,而目前他居住於澳門並且找到了自己的歸屬,平時在教堂唱福音音樂,替前來聆聽表演的人帶來正面能量。他以獨有的嗓音詮釋爵士樂;融合黑人天生的律動感與放克的節奏;並運用帶有藍調的靈魂演唱福音音樂。Dooley於中英文歌曲皆能詮釋良好並且創造出歌曲的多元性,因此在澳門深受台灣旅客及當地人的喜愛。精力充沛,幽默,有魅力,和前衛都是用來形容他過人的才華,這也是廣大歌迷支持他的原因。他的演唱不管是現場觀眾或是透過電視收看的都獲得一致好評,他是一個藝人,一個替舞台帶來新視野的藝人。
Matthew Candler also known as “Dooley” has performed with musicians from all over the world. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona but currently residing in Macau found his roots in the church singing gospel music and builds upon that foundation to bring energy and excitement to those who attend his performances. He rocks to the sounds of Jazz; the groove of Funk with the rhythms of Africa; the soul of the Gospel with the heart of the Blues.
With his ability to perform in both English and Chinese he has been entertaining the locals and the visitors of Taiwan and Macau with various styles of music. Energetic, humorous, engaging, and edgy are all words used to describe his talent which has built up a large fan base. Having performed for both live audiences and TV alike he is a showman that really brings something new to the stage.
An abbreviated list of his performance history is provided below.