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來自加拿大的Michele Kaye,以超過十年的國際演唱經驗,帶來穿透性的樂音。
Michele 於十一歲開始專業歌唱,並且接受正規的音樂教育和磨練,研讀了爵士、古典和音樂劇呈現,曾經獲得許多獎學金及獎項,目前Michele為一個遊走國際的歌唱旅行者,無論是流行音樂、爵士樂、Bossa Nova或是Swim甚至音樂劇演出,台上台下的她總是吸引眾人的目光,如論是大型的舞台或是小小的表演空間Michele總是可以幽雅又有魅力的表現出她的味道。
With a voice reminiscent of vocalists like Julie London and Doris Day, Michele brings to the stage her own style as distinctive and engaging as the classic vocalists that have come before. Michele pays homage to them with her own creative, playful take on timeless standards. Her sultry voice combines with a magnetic stage presence that has been mesmerizing audiences throughout the world for over a Decade.
Michele began singing professionally at the age of eleven and has been honing her skills ever since with constant performance and formal musical education. She has studied jazz, classical and musical theater extensively and is also trained in composition and arranging. She has received scholarships and awards from numerous institutions for her talents and presently tours as a dynamic jazz and pop vocalist internationally.
Her ever-expanding repertoire includes the most popular jazz standards, pop tunes, bossa nova, swing and original interpretations of more modern songs. While praised for her voice and stage presence, Michele’s uncanny talent is how she can elegantly rise to any situation and entertain a wide array of audiences, in different venues, in any style. Her international experience has endowed her with the ability to slide effortlessly between intimate lounges, to large dance halls. Whatever the venue, Michele is guaranteed to entertain.