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曾身為007 詹姆斯.龐德的特技演員與替身,Mike很幸運能夠到世界各地旅行,並且與Funk Soul,Jazz與R&B不同類型風格的音樂家們一起合作。他的聲音讓人聯想到60,70年代的靈魂歌手,Mike是一位多產的創作型歌手,他的原創反映了對音樂不同流派的喜愛,他們表演時充滿激情、風格與活力,不管是節日、慶典、俱樂部、慈善活動、特別活動,都喜歡預定他們演出!
As a part time stunt double and stand-in for James Bond, Mike is lucky enough to travel all over the world and joins up with Funk, Soul,Jazz and R&B musicians wherever he rolls up.His old school bluesy voice is reminiscent of
the soul singers of the 1960s and 1970s.
Mike is a prolific songwriter and his original material reflects his passion and love for a wide range of musical genres. He is blessed to play with some amazing musicians and when they perform they play with passion, style and energy with a groove that makes you move.
They blend uplifting originals with cool covers sweeping through Funk, Soul, Jazz and R&B right up to present day Pop and Hip-Hop. Book them for festivals, clubs, celebrations, charities, special events, and funky funerals !