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The legendary music director Jonah Ko produced his album on the year of 2015 called "Blessing-苦中的祝福" and as a finalists 27th opera Golden Melody Award - the best religious music album award, on 2017 he formed J4J Big Band in a collaboration with another 18 musicians, the music style performance are influence by Broadway, R & B, and Pop songs. They performed an innovative music that will infiltrate your soul and shake your ears. The Asia's largest soul jazz group was born in Taiwan, breaking the Live band limit and about to sweep the music industry.

Birdy, formerly known as Desiree Camborne Ting, a Filipino singer, was born in a musical family. Her father was a professional singer, and her sister is a local singer in the Philippines.

From a tender age he enjoyed music, singing in Church Choir from eight years of age. This root in church is characteristic of the soulful quality in is voice. Keril’s musical journey took its full course during years at high school performing in school productions, theater productions and national events. Keril is inspired by musical likes of John Legend, Brian Mc Night, Michael Jackson and Phil Colins.He also joined the National Youth Choir where he traveled to many other Caribbean islands performing classical to jazz to reggae and gospel music.It was there he build his musical ear and sense of creativity that motivated him to write and produce songs. 'Vante Flam la' was written for his church during National Catholic Festival. 'Green Revolution' and Holistic Wellness was written for school project competitions. Keril also produced inspirational tracks entitled 'I am not alone’, ‘Holy Ghost Fire’ and Prayer for Priest”. His last single is entitled Can't get enough of your love. Performing in Martinique and Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival。

Jim is the newcomer in the music industry's, very characteristics male voice, gifted,young,talented.Described by the music industry as a soul-stirring singer-songwriter.Not only does Jim play the guitar and piano, but he's also equipped with his own songs. His music is influenced by pop, R & B, and jazz.In 2016, he even played a song on Youtube to sing an Indonesian folk song and reached the viewer up to 75,000 times.Jim always stunning with a smile of sunshine, gentle voice, natural and lively personality is his representative in the music industry to retain a seat of innocence, talented singer!

A passionate entertainer, singer and songwriter. Grew up in the Caribbean singing in church and school while learning basic music theory and playing the steel pan instrument. She combine her love for entertaining people with her singing talent to pursue music throughout the years. She perform reggae, jazz, alternative R&B, and hip hop.

I have been Performing as a soloist 1993, the requirements or needs of any style,including songs in Spanish,Portuguese, Chinese English, Japanese and Italian and ranging from folk music to pop, jazz and classical.