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Great News Factory Music Group Co.

In 1980, together with a number of aboriginal young adults, Pastor Ko Ming Bo established the evangelistic group Good News choir and hosted more than 2,000 evangelical meetings across the five continents, accompanied by entertaining music and dancing.

In the same year, entertainers of one of the evangelistic meetings which was broadcasted live by the CTV media, came together and founded the “Home of Christian Performing Artists” which subsequently hosted additional evang-elistic gatherings at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and China National Gymnasium, all of which were broadcasted live by the CTV media – with famed actors and actresses including Shut Tiu, Yueh Sun, Hwan Wu, Yi Guan,… etc.

In 1985 – Good News Church was established.
In 1994 – Great News Factory Music Group Co. was founded to write, produce, and record gospel music.

KoChen Entertainment

In 2002 – KOChen Entertainment, Taiwan’s premiere jazz musician agency and management company, was founded. Since it’s establishment, KOChen Entertainment have recruited Asia’s most notable orchestras, International jazz masters, musicians from big record label companies, and professional pub DJs – with the goal of bringing together the world’s most outstanding musicians.

Over the years, KOChen Entertainment have been involved in the planning and execution of more than thousands of wedding ceremonies, commercial events, year-end and/or year-opening banquets, musical performances, and concerts across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, Thailand, Canada, U.S.A., and other major cities. Our commitment to quality, proper planning and professional execution skills, and collaboration with reputable wedding planners, PR agencies, and 5-star hotels across the continents have earned us the highest recognition amongst our customers.

Codec Production

In 2006, Codec Production was established; Codec Production specializes in documenting commercial events, wedding photography and videography, commercial filming, script design, music video production,… etc. We are mindful in our selection process and only recruit photographers and post-production specialists with over 10 years of related working experience, to serve you - our valued customers. With our emphasis on professionalism, creativity, and sentimentalism, every customer can be sure to expect a tailor-made, one-of-a-kind visual feast.

KOChen Shanghai

In 2008, KOChen Shanghai, a music entertainment company specializing in wedding music and commercial events’ live musical performance, was founded. Over the years, KOChen Shanghai successfully built good partnerships with wedding planners, PR agencies, and 5-star hotels in the Greater China region.

In the same year, acknowledging that harmonic music is the soul of a memorable event, and a professional emcee is paramount to its success, we established MIC Group. Common misconception of a professional emcee is a host who merely runs through an event’s program, however, aside from that, appropriate communication beforehand, alignment between musical and hardware components, on-site supervision and careful execution ensuring a smooth run-down are more than critical to an event’s success and a perfect ending.

MIC Group’s emcees are categorized by language capabilities and bi-lingual capability is our basic requirement. Every language has its individualistic charm, and when paired with music, beat, the high and lows in our emcee’s voice, creates characteristic layers in the delivery, which is truly unique to the MIC Group.

Peace Love International /

Established in 2011, Peace Love International actively participates in concerts, record production, and audio mixing. We use music to enhance every detail on your special day – wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, luxury brand press conferences, year-end party and private parties…  At Peace Love, we are highly committed to building a special and unforgettable memory for you.

Since our humble beginnings in 1994, KOChen Entertainment have continuously grown stronger. Professionalism is our motto, the foundation of everything we do, and the key - to our success!