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gnflive Shanghai

Established in 2008, KOChen Shanghai is a music entertainment company specializing in wedding music and commercial events’ live musical performance planning.
KOChen Shanghai’s extensive performance resources and diverse performing styles; long-time partnership with notable domestic / foreign musicians, as well as collaboration with reputable wedding planners, PR agencies, and 5-stars hotels in the Greater China region, have continued to fuel our success.
Since our establishment, KOChen Entertainment have been involved in the planning and execution of more than thousands of wedding ceremonies, commercial events, musical performances, and concerts. Our commitment to quality, proper planning and professional execution skills have earned us the highest of
recognition amongst our customers over the years.


Codec Productions

Established in 2006, Codec Production specializes in the documentation of commercial events, wedding photography and videography, commercial filming, script design, music video production,… etc. We are very mindful in our selection process and only recruit photographers and post-production specialists with over 7 years (or 10 years – as mentioned in the new “About Us” file?) of related working experience, to serve you - our valued customers. With our emphasis on professionalism, creativity, and sentimentalism, every customer can be sure to expect a tailor-made, one-of-a-kind visual feast.



Established in 2011, Peace Love International actively participates in concerts, record production, and audio mixing. We use music to enhance every detail on your special day – wedding ceremony, press conference and/or press event, birthday celebration, fashion event, year-end and/or year-opening banquet…
At Peace Love, we are highly committed to building a special and unforgettable memory for you.