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If you are a musician. vocalist, composer, or DJ, who have graduated from respective fields either domestically or from abroad and have had extensive musical performance experiences, and enthusiastic to be involved in future musical events, please send your portfolio including photos of your musical performances, demo tape and/or CD

If you are an amicable emcee with good communication and coordination skills, an emotive voice with clear and fluent delivery, have an artistic appreciation in music, and multi-lingual, please send your resume including photos and videos of the previous emcee

If you are a creative and experienced event planner who is familiar with Word/Excel, have good verbal/writing communication skills, and good execution skills; bi-lingual and have a driver’s license, please send your resume including photos of previous

If you are a talented photographer or graphic designer who have videography skills, familiar with editing and post production, and have an extensive portfolio of creative work, please send your portfolio including details of work experiences, photos or actual products