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A musician once said to me: “When we play a musical instrument, we often forget the reality and skip the busy pursuit.Then we naturally enter a dream, as if it is still at this moment, but we move back and forth. In my mind, I leave instant eternality, memorize its melody, and imprint it deeply in my heart." In exactly the same way, my touch with music is ordinary, It's awkward yet unforgettable.

There are also many newcomers who will ask me what should I choose as wedding music?
I replied, "It's not JAZZ. It's not Classical. It's not POP. It's the music that your story has seen." Because of this kind of music could lead you to a real, memorable, and touching atmosphere on the wedding day.

After communicating the details of the wedding music with the newcomer, the groom privately called me again. The reason was that he was a famous composer. He wrote many famous singers' love songs to create many classics. However, he never showed up for the bride. Record the song of love story; so he hopes to play a special melody for them both on the wedding day.

Finally, the wedding day arrived, and the groom left the venue after leaving the venue for the third time, leaving behind some brides who were overwhelmed. Then the lights of the audience were dark. Only the big screen revealed the light reflected in the curiosity of the guests and the bride. Face. In the film slowly appearing on the screen, it is the record of the groom's process of composing for the bride and the true monologue. At that moment, the bride was in tears and touched the sadness at this moment. Then the film was dark and replaced by a spotlight on the gate of the venue. The bridegroom took up the attitude that he usually didn’t care about. She shyly smiled at everyone. Then her eyes fell on the bride’s attention and she rehearsed it beforehand. The sound of a string orchestra played, and the bridegroom poured the emotions of the cymbals into the full and deep voice of the black tube. The bride could not restrain the catharsis of tears. Nothing had to be said. With the appeal of music, the warmth of love has spread to everyone's hearts.

In this fast-paced era, we haven't had a good rest for a while, enjoying the beautiful movements brought by music and letting romance immerse in the moving atmosphere. In fact, romance can be as simple as you like.